Apple destroy one of the most popular myths about iPhone.

Craig Federighi, division head in charge of software at Apple, dismantled one of the most popular myths about the iPhone. If you used an iPhone long time, then you were probably told at some point that you close all applications that appear in the multitasking menu, you can save the phone's battery. Unfortunately, this is false, but the information was not provided by anyone, but even the head of software development within Apple.

Future Audi A7 Sportback

Audi A7 Sportback was the first Mercedes CLS rival pioneer in the segment four-door coupe. Throughout his career, A7 successfully managed to attract a large share of premium customers who wanted such a car. With such a recipe on the menu, Audi is working hard on a new generation of the current A7 scheduled to begin around the middle of 2017.

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