Useful and Free Android Applications

Have you recently purchased an Android smartphone or tablet and would like to extend its functionality with some useful applications? In this article you will find the list of most useful Android apps which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

The most useful Android apps
The premise: this list is useful Android applications achieved depending on my way to use your smartphone. Therefore, perhaps many of you these applications will not be useful. I have not included applications like Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp because I suspect that you know and you already installed and any preinstalled applications like YouTube or Maps.

Useful Android Apps: Antivirus
Android is Windows, so if you are terrorized your Android phone is filled with viruses, you should know that this can not happen, unless that is you who install on your phone. So, if you install applications only from Play Store (which are super verified) on an Android smartphone antivirus is almost useless, the chance that your phone will be infected with a virus is almost zero.

When a virus is useful on Android? An antivirus application is useful if you install applications on other sites (such as Aproov, Aptoide, CoolAPK, etc.), applications that are not checked and that may contain malware, spyware, trojan or where want to protect important data on your phone if you lose or be stolen, many antivirus apps for Android make available some functions GPS tracking, locking and resetting the phone remotely.

Avira Antivirus Security: Antivirus for Android is an application that protects your phone or tablet from any computer threat. Provides some extra functions for phone security, such as the location of the smartphone in case of theft or loss, blocking and deleting data remotely and a useful function to block unwanted messages and calls.
Avast Free Mobile Security: Another good and free antivirus for Android is Avast. Besides its function main to protect your phone from viruses, Avast, offers some useful features to protect your phone if you lose or be stolen, such as remote locking, deleting important data or the location of the phone.
Kaspersky Internet Security Lite: is a useful Android app that provides the latest security technologies to protect Android devices. Kaspersky offers some useful functions and in case of theft, such as locking your phone and its location by GPS, remotely reset the phone and able to remotely access your lost phone.
Useful Android Apps: Cloud Storage
With these applications you can save different online files (photos, music, movies, documents, etc.) and access them whenever you want, staff from anywhere you are with your phone, tablet or computer. These applications are highly recommended to those users who have little space available on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Drive: is a cloud storage service that lets you store files in any format. Google Drive integrates Google Docs service and old, so it is possible to see the smartphone PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV, etc. Free service offers 15 GB of space, who needs more space available are some subscription fee.
Bitcasa: offers 10 GB of free space, and 80 euros / year unlimited space. It lets you store any file you want, which can then be accessed anytime with a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Mega: it is an application that offers 50 GB free space for storing files. All you upload is automatically encrypted and can synchronize camera, so you take a picture or a video it is automatically saved online.
Android backup and synchronization
Photos, video, documents, SMS, phone numbers ... data saved on your phone are many. And if you do lose your phone? I think most damage, besides the economic one, is that you lose data that emotional high value, such as photos taken on vacation. Therefore it is better to prevent lost data with a backup app for Android. How these applications? Basically all you saved on the smartphone / tablet and transfer them to the memory card or online on your space cloud. Then, when you want, restore the saved data can be synchronized with your phone or another phone.

Super Backup: is an application that can copy and restore your phone data (contacts, SMS, call history, etc.), installed applications and settings. To do all this, the program needs root privileges. Data can be saved on the internal memory, memory card, PC or Gmail. There is a surcharge version, the only difference from the free advertising is failing.
Titanium Backup: is an application that allows you to create a backup of your Android device and save it on your phone. When you finish creating your backup, it can transfer the memory card or another destination. Unfortunately no free version allows you to create online backup transferred the cloud space. Titanium Backup provides some extra functions such as tool to uninstall the applications included those installed by the manufacturer, which often can not uninstall otherwise. It needs root privileges.
Helium - App Sync & Backup: is a very good application for backup and synchronization, one of the few that provides these functions without root privileges, but in this case must to install on your computer and the desktop version (for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). There is also a PRO version, surcharge, which allows you to restore a backup on Google Drive / Dropbox / Box, the free version only allows you to backup site.