Mobile phones equipped with GPS can be located easily, whether they use iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Most smartphones are launched on the market today include GPS receiver. Before the advent of GPS only method available to locate a mobile phone signal triangulation techniques it was available only to the authorities and government agencies. Currently, the location of a mobile phone can be done by accessing GPS.

What is GPS
GPS is a global satellite navigation system that uses a network of 24 satellites to provide location data for 3-D GPS receivers on Earth. Satellites are administering the US Department of Defense and were originally used for military applications. In the 80s, the US government decided to allow use of the system by civilians. Currently, GPS is available tutor and, more importantly, free. The 24 satellites orbiting the Earth to rotate a distance of about 19,000 km.

How does GPS
The 24 satellites surrounding the planet twice a day in a specific orbit. Meanwhile satellites send information to Earth. A GPS receiver receives information from all available satellites and calculates the exact location of the GPS receiver by comparing the time a signal was transmitted by satellite when the receiver receives the signal. This establishes distance from the satellite to the receiver.

How accurate is Gps Phone Tracker

GPS receivers today are very accurate and can determine the position with an error of 10 meters or less. GPS accuracy can be influenced by several factors, one being the weather. Adverse weather conditions may affect the accuracy of satellites, having their errors and 50 meters.

How to use GPS to locate a cell phone
Smart mobile phones are equipped mostly with GPS receivers. Since most cell "know" where they are at any time of the day half the task of tracking a mobile phone is made. The only thing localization applications have to do is to communicate in May this position that can be done, depending on the type of mobile phone, Wi-Fi, SMS or data connection.

How can locate an iPhone
iPhones are the most popular smartphones globally and because many owners and they wander Apple has made available an application that allows them. App called Find My iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

How can locate an Android smartphone
Smartphones with Android operating system can be localized using Android Device Manager service if the user has set a Google account. The first step is to connect to your Google account from a PC or any other device connected to the Internet, then open Android Device Manager and will begin a process map locator phone.

How can locate a Windows Phone smartphone
A phone with Windows Phone can be located if it was associated with a Microsoft account. First open website and enter account Microsoft. To choose "Find My Phone", then the map will show the location of the latest smartphone. Users are able to ring your phone, erase the information on it or block it.