One of the reasons that Snapchat is so loved is that the application is constantly changing and comes with features new, creative, mundane things that gives users a truly wonderful feeling, at least so says the majority. Besides the new feature "double-person lenses" Snapchat brings surprise and functions. Here's what new functions offered by surprise, and in order to "understand" and how many will post a picture.

Filters and double or triple layers. Snapchat cheat allows users to combine and layer filters overlap them as you like! Two lenses Snapchat person came up with this characteristic after Kim Kardashian said that he would like a new figure dog. Snapchat has implemented new emoticon that plus function "two person lenses" lens that adds the person you make your selfie different girls, dog nose and ears, etc. Lenses available for 2 people Super frowny make Flower crown Dog lens cute-ified lens (Acts more like a filter) Three-way faceswap function offers the possibility of "changing the face" like say the Romans, and you replace your face with another person, this time a group of three, not two as until recently.
In addition to transmission of pictures, text and emoji icons,

Users can thus have a video call in one of them prefer to write with camera and microphone turned off, or have an audio call in which one user uses photos with superimposed text and any combination of methods provides Snapchat.
The transition between them is intuitive, each enjoying its own method of communication dedicated button in the chat window right.
Along with the new features Chat 2.0, Snapchat received and another small update in functionality "stories". At the end of one story, the app will start playing next stories, without having to navigate through menus.

Snapchat becomes one of the most advanced mobile communication services, some of those who were not interested in his camera functions can be attracted by the new capabilities chat.
App messaging between iPhone and iPad inspiration from other programs on the market, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, ie messages that self-destruct. Thus, messages can be passed audio and video messages. You can also choose how long to distribute the message: Between one hour, one day and unlimited. Thus, it's not Snapchat, but if you want your messages to be destroyed after one hour, we can do that now.

Then the app store changes. Introduce popular searches, searches on the same subject and, more importantly, application packages. Thus, programmers and application developers can sell software packages at discounted prices. Basically, users will be able to buy more apps suddenly the same company.