Apple destroy one of the most popular myths about iPhone.

Apple destroy one of the most popular myths about iPhone.

Craig Federighi, division head in charge of software at Apple, dismantled one of the most popular myths about the iPhone. If you used an iPhone long time, then you were probably told at some point that you close all applications that appear in the multitasking menu, you can save the phone's battery. Unfortunately, this is false, but the information was not provided by anyone, but even the head of software development within Apple.

As the newspaper writes Independent, closure is unnecessary, since the iOS operating system is built in such a way as to prevent using too many resources to applications running in the background. Thus, if you leave an application by pressing the Home button, it will be "frozen" until it is reopened. It all started from an email sent by those from 9to5Mac Tim Cook. Apparently, Apple CEO sent the mail on his Federighi, who categorically denied the rumor that removing the applications would help improve battery life. "No and no," was his reply, in a manner typical of Steve Jobs, who used to answer various questions from past users.

In conclusion, some have wished to recall that the multitasking menu role is to provide a quick solution if the application displays an error, not to facilitate the closure of running in the background.

After many months of rumors, Apple has confirmed that it will hold a press conference in March. This will take place on March 21 and are expected announcements for new products in several categories of the company. This date is very close and when Apple will have to defend their position to unlock the phone when San Bernardino, and Tim Cook will certainly try to seize the moment to present the company's position in this situation.

Despite Apple's position is delicate, its the business must go on. Rumors suggest that this event will mark the launch of a new iPhone 4 display ", the first since the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C models. It should integrate hardware found on 6S models, but in a smaller format and a housing similară.Întrucât this fall did not receive a new iPad model, you may see a new version announced on March 21. There are already unconfirmed reports stating that we are dealing with a smaller version of the iPad Pro model, with the same 4: 3 display of 9.7 ", but with advanced features such as a dedicated port for keyboard, audio system with four speakers, support for Apple hardware Pencil and stronger. It is unclear whether this model will be called the iPad Air 3 or whether it will fall into the category iPad Pro.

Watch Apple could be another product category to receive an update. The original model was launched almost a year ago in a similar event, and the feedback of the duration of use on a single charge and its poor performance could lead to the launch of a new model in 2016. At the same time, Apple could only announce new partnerships with renowned manufacturers in the watch industry, or new color versions.