Apple Maps

For the iOS 9, changes go beyond the design of icons and the range of colours. There is much to come: new applications and other renovated. As well as the long-awaited update of Apple Maps.

The Apple company allowed some of its users test version beta software on Thursday and the reviews have been mostly positive.
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Folders for selfies and screenshots
Apple will automatically sort your photos according to how you took them.

There is a folder called Selfie for the images taken with the front-facing camera, and a separate folder for screenshots or screen captures. Apple does not use face detection software to sort the selfies.

Apple News: a news application
The only time most of us open the 'app' Newsstand was by accident, but Apple News wants to change that.

The app that will come in the iOS9 will cure news more or less as the personal journal Flipboard, learn and will serve the tastes and preferences of the user.

You'll have to improve your memory, because the four-digit access code will be replaced by a six-digit code.

In addition, the company has introduced two-factor authentication. That means that when you use an Apple ID to a device, your main device has to authorize it.

Notes because it is not a list of things
Now you can scribble notes, draw your ideas and even add photos from the collection of your camera to the application.

The text styles will also evolve. There are options to add titles, bulleted lists and lists of tasks that you can palomear.

They finished third for traffic applications
Apple finally added transit directions to your native maps application in many cities in the United States and abroad.

IOS 9, the updated Apple Maps shows all routes and subway entrances, and provides timetables of train, bus and Metro, also complete with notifications about delays and changes.

The Nearby function will show businesses and attractions near you.

Improved multi-tasking
Like Android, iOS 9 will offer media so that you can work in two applications at the same time on iPad devices.
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Finally there will be a way to view uses split-screen, continue with a thanks while you browse other apps, and jump between applications open more easily.
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