Smartphones allow other new features

Smartphones allow other new features
Some of the banks have decided to optimize for mobile internet banking applications to be easily accessed from your mobile browser.
BCR, Raiffeisen Bank, Banca Transilvania developed special versions for mobile banking website. And Volksbank has developed a special version for mobile, but it only offers customers who purchase Gold current account package.
Of course, even without a mobile optimized version or a special application, customers who can access internet banking service dedicated page directly through the mobile browser.
But not optimized, the page will load will be heavier and more difficult to use the relatively small screen of the mobile phone.
Mobile banking via SMS disappears from market
While new technologies make their way on the banking market, early versions of what mobile banking tend to disappear from the market.
How to access and operation, based on getting a special SIM card from mobile operato and by sending and receiving SMS, is already outdated.
The benefit of this service is that it was not necessarily a smartphone and no internet connection. Basically, from any mobile phone can access the application, the information is transmitted through the mobile operator.
The variety of operations that can be achieved by this embodiment is much lower.
For example, the BCR, which still offers this service are only allowed viziualizarile accounts and transfer funds between their accounts.
BRD offered until the spring of 2012, for 10 years, Mobilis, which involves making payments via SMS, including invoices. Bank this year but gave up this particular service and clients are able to only state viziualiza accounts via mobile application.
The benefit of using mobile banking applications consists of the low costs charged by banks to standard tariffs. For example, in the case of UniCredit Tiriac Bank transfer fee is 50% lower than those charged at the counter and transactions between the accounts are free.
In all cases, however, applications are however limitations to various versions of Internet banking, limitations that vary from one bank to another. For example, you can make deposits can not be exchange or payment may be ordered only by beneficiaries predefined
Whether there is an app on iPhone or Android termminal a smartphone app can take your business to new and exciting areas. Companies benefit from smartphone applications to help develop sales, while brands use the smartphone application to become an essential part of the life of a consumer.