Asus G551JM gaming laptop


Asus G551JM is a gaming laptop dedicated to those with a lower budget, but who want an enjoyable multimedia experience. It is not without flaws, but the positive aspects are significantly more important than the small problems encountered during testing.
Therefore, we are talking about a laptop that is addressed mainly daily-multimedia use, but that will satisfy many of those who want to play, but at the same time does not benefit from the power of a top gaming notebook.
As has accustomed us Asus ROG series, G551JM is a black laptop with red elements which ensures a high level of sophistication and elegance. The cover is covered with an aluminum foil, the interior is made of metal, the back it is the only prominent area made of plastic.
The case is decorated with some red elements, as around the inside edge of the laptop, the Republic of Gamers logo above the keyboard, the cooling system, the WASD keys with red frame or ROG logo on the cover. It is illuminated, but the light intensity is not obtrusive.
Therefore, from aesthetic point of view, G551JM is not as aggressive as other laptops ROG series, but has an attractive design. The weight reaches 2.7 kg, while the thickness is 32 mm, so that portability is affected. On the other side, such laptops are used mainly as a desktop replacement, so it is not necessarily a bad thing.
Connectivity is one decent, since we are talking about three USB ports, HDMI, mini DisplayPort and Ethernet, and on the right side you'll find an optical drive.
The keyboard is, for the most part, comfortable in everyday use, keys are stiff, so will record orders even when are pressed in the corners. Also, the keyboard is illuminated in red and has an aesthetically very pleasing. The touchpad is also decent and responds well to commands such as swipe, or other gestures, but right and left click keys are too rigid and behaves strangely. The good news is that most probably you will not need if you rely on a mouse.
IPS screen with a diagonal of 15.6" has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, and provides accurate color reproduction, excellent contrast and viewing angles very good.
As often happens in the case of Asus laptops, to benefit from these advantages must set the display to Normal, within the application Asus Splendid Utility. In the factory, the display is set to Vivid, that offers over saturated colors.
Brightness is decent, but do not count on it if you want to play somewhere outdoors. Here are some concrete results screen performance:
• coverage: 100% sRGB, 72% NTSC, 77% Adobe RGB;
• gamma: 2.4;
• maximum brightness in the middle of the screen: 299 cd / m2;
• full brightness contrast: 740: 1;
• white point: 8200 K;
• black full brightness: 0.41 cd / m2;
• DeltaE average: uncalibrated 5.59, calibrated 2.22