Pokemon Go Installation Guide

Pokemon Go was released a week ago and is a game that uses GPS and augmented reality to fill the virtual monsters environment with which I grew up. In Pokemon Go must walk as much to catch Pokemon to increase the level and fight with other masters.
It is a free, created together with Pokemon Company Niantic, company drawn from Google last year. Pokemon Nintendo holds a third of the Company, and both have interests in Niantic, whose size was not disclosed.

Useful and Free Android Applications

When a virus is useful on Android? An antivirus application is useful if you install applications on other sites (such as Aproov, Aptoide, CoolAPK, etc.), applications that are not checked and that may contain malware, spyware, trojan or where want to protect important data on your phone if you lose or be stolen, many antivirus apps for Android make available some functions GPS tracking, locking and resetting the phone remotely.

Mobile phones equipped with GPS can be located easily, whether they use iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

How can locate a Windows Phone smartphone
A phone with Windows Phone can be located if it was associated with a Microsoft account. First open website and enter account windowsphone.com/en-us Microsoft. To choose "Find My Phone", then the map will show the location of the latest smartphone. Users are able to ring your phone, erase the information on it or block it.


One of the reasons that Snapchat is so loved is that the application is constantly changing and comes with features new, creative, mundane things that gives users a truly wonderful feeling, at least so says the majority. Besides the new feature "double-person lenses" Snapchat brings surprise and functions. Here's what new functions offered by surprise, and in order to "understand" and how many will post a picture.

The value of new technologies for the professional development of teachers

Today, training methods clots in increasingly innovative strategies to make every hour a gateway to the methods and tools of knowledge. Most often, teachers are forced to seek continuing education courses to learn what is innovative in order to adapt to the specific subjects taught. Partnership networks are a solution to achieve the training of teachers, and these networks can support the knowledge base very well put. New technologies can contribute to the professional development of teachers and make possible the most interesting results.

Apple destroy one of the most popular myths about iPhone.

Craig Federighi, division head in charge of software at Apple, dismantled one of the most popular myths about the iPhone. If you used an iPhone long time, then you were probably told at some point that you close all applications that appear in the multitasking menu, you can save the phone's battery. Unfortunately, this is false, but the information was not provided by anyone, but even the head of software development within Apple.

Future Audi A7 Sportback

Audi A7 Sportback was the first Mercedes CLS rival pioneer in the segment four-door coupe. Throughout his career, A7 successfully managed to attract a large share of premium customers who wanted such a car. With such a recipe on the menu, Audi is working hard on a new generation of the current A7 scheduled to begin around the middle of 2017.

5 dramatic consequences of global warming on the world

5 dramatic consequences of global warming on the world.

Dacia Logan

I have not yet met people who declare themselves fans Dacia Logan. Although it's not necessarily bad car, flat design is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that will not be outside the scope mediocrităţii.Puiu Nicholas past this barrier. As graphic mastering 3D techniques, and he imagined how it would look as a luxury Logan and one Mini. Dubbed simply Dacia Logan Lux, premium version of the machine is inspired by other models, Audi S7 Sportback like, but it does not spoil the effect estetic.Pe other hand, Dacia Logan and Dacia Logan Mini Eco is another digital concept, embodying Romanian version of SMART. If there were two cars could solve the problem of small space and insufficient parking spaces.
Dacia Logan 2: prices, standard equipment, technical data, dimensions.

Apple Maps

For the iOS 9, changes go beyond the design of icons and the range of colours. There is much to come: new applications and other renovated. As well as the long-awaited update of Apple Maps.

The Apple company allowed some of its users test version beta software on Thursday and the reviews have been mostly positive.

Folders for selfies and screenshots
Apple will automatically sort your photos according to how you took them.


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